What we do

We provide our clients with high quality live-streaming video, HD time-lapse and Virtual Reality of their running construction projects, public events, critical infrastructure; to serve their monitoring, surveillance, control, security, marketing and promotion needs. Using high quality equipment and highly developed software for obtaining real time information critical for security and safety management, we ensure many benefits to organizations in various vertical markets. We have assisted our clients to design their projects and give them almost a real view and feeling of the projects being constructed and developed.

Latest Projects

  • Sparkle Tower

    Sparkle Tower

  • Wafi Mall Ext. Hotel

    Wafi Mall Ext. Hotel

  • Command and control by RTA

    Command and control by RTA

  • Vida Residence

    Vida Residence

  • Imperial Avenue

    Imperial Avenue

  • Farglory


  • Mashreq Bank HQ

    Mashreq Bank HQ

  • La Mains Tower

    La Mains Tower

  • Mohammed bin Rashid library

    Mohammed bin Rashid library

  • Hard Rock Hotel

    Hard Rock Hotel

  • Yotel Hotel

    Yotel Hotel

  • Yotel Hotel

    Gulf International Bank

  • Yotel Hotel

    H2B Hotel DIFC

  • Yotel Hotel

    Hampton Hotel

  • Yotel Hotel

    Intercontinental Meena Alarab

  • Yotel Hotel

    RIU Resort

  • Our Vision

    We are dedicated to provide professional and efficient products and services to our clients on the basis of a long-term commitment, full discretion, deep respect and trust.

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  • Our Mission

    Implement reliability
    Innovative and sustainable solutions
    Combine aggressive strategic
           marketing with quality products
           and services at competitive prices

Why Choose Us?


With our top quality products and services, make an impression among your audience and stand on top of your competition. Inspire your customers and make your communication process more simple and productive.


We will turn your architectural drawings into compelling visuals, fly through and interactive apps that make your project feel real long and convincing before you have laid the first stone.


Many interesting features are included to immerse your clients into virtual reality. Still, we are ready for any customizations as per your need and marketing efforts.


Convince your decision makers, investors or buyers by showcasing the architecture/ project virtually even before it is built. Thus, saving your precious time and efforts.